Key Features


Hardware built to military specs for ruggedness, including shock, water and dust resistance

Offload Files
Without Laptop

Transfer files over USB or from SD cards and verify with MD5 Checksum

Compact Size

GNARBOX has a small footprint and can easily fit in a pocket, unlike bulky rugged laptops

NAS and Cloud

Compatible with all NAS devices using SMB protocol via WiFi and Ethernet (up to 2.5Gbps)


Build and deploy custom applications to streamline your organization’s data workflow

Changeable Batteries

Changeable batteries allow for extended run time while in the field


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Public Safety

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Custom Setup
and Deployment

Sales Support

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Custom Solutions

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Secure Operations From
Data Loss in the Field

Field Data Backup

Backing data up in the field provides an added layer of security to operations

MIL-SPEC Ruggedness

Shock, dust and water resistance keeps your data safe from the elements


Files are backed up using industry standard SHA hash checksums for data integrity validation

Two Methods
of Customization


Connect an existing mobile or desktop application to GNARBOX and leverage its native data management capabilities


Build or port a custom enterprise application to run on GNARBOX for custom data management workflows

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