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Edge Computing

Own your tactical edge.

For IT and OT Professionals who are dissatisfied with building greenfield custom data processing and backhaul solutions for their edge computing workflow, the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform is a rugged edge appliance and server software platform that seamlessly integrates with sensors, unmanned equipment, and other industrial machines in rugged and dynamic environments.

How We’re Different

The Platform

Unlike other edge appliances, the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform is completely mobile, can be run in online or offline environments, and supports any cloud storage/compute platform. Its software stack enables customers to easily run containerized or virtualized applications with zero-touch provisioning, making porting simple and direct.

With 3-5 hours of backup battery power, rugged mounting solutions for a multitude of dynamic applications and water/dust ingress-proof ethernet and power cables, the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform is a complete solution for any field application that requires uninterruptible data backup and backhaul.

The Company

GNARBOX is a technology company based in Los Angeles, with 7 years of experience as the market leader in the professional photography, videography, and drone industry for backup and onsite data processing. The company is backed by the largest installed base of users in these industries, and is the only player in the edge market with experience delivering rugged mobile appliances for computing large data sets.

With the confluence of our hardware design prowess, rapid engineering supply chain, and Agile DevOps software teams, GNARBOX is redefining what an OEM should be for the modern era. We are a hardware supplier that understands our customer’s needs and challenges with a dynamic ability to tune hardware and software delivery to meet the mission through each of the stages of your digital edge transformation.

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GNARBOX for Kubernetes

GNARBOX for Kubernetes is designed for enterprise and industrial organizations leveraging Kubernetes in their edge deployments, as well as organizations seeking to employ the most cutting edge technologies in net new edge deployments, while reducing their attack surface with a container-specific OS.


GNARBOX for Linux

For teams seeking the most flexibility to deploy their applications and services at the edge. An excellent choice for organizations that have not fully migrated their applications to containers and Kubernetes, with the benefits of a full operating system, including easy updating for security vulnerabilities.


GNARBOX with AWS IoT Greengrass

GNARBOX with AWS IoT Greengrass is built so that customers can seamlessly deploy the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform into their existing AWS IoT Greengrass ecosystem.

Compute Platform

Providing everything out of the box to start an inch before the edge,
Edge-as-a-Service simplifies the edge computing transformation


Ruggedized for extreme environments - defiant of dust, moisture, and impact

Removable Battery

Bring data center-class UPS to your tactical edge with live power failover and hot swap removable batteries

Storage Extensibility

Scale-up hardware to Terabytes as your project grows, scale-out to Petabytes with dynamic mesh storage

Compact Form Factor

Bring cloud capabilities and elasticity to places servers have never been able to reach

Human Factors Engineering

Thermally-compliant server viable for running in a pocket, backpack, or field cases

Challenging Environments

Capable of running outdoors in extreme conditions and inclement weather


Ruggedized mounting brackets enable mounted solutions for any location

Functional Flexibility

4G/5G and AI/ML expansion modules enable increased flexibility to manage workloads and connectivity

Software Solutions


Zero Touch Provision operating systems, settings, and pump apps across the fleet with automated no-touch onboarding

Rapid Scaling Effortlessly field 1 or 1000 edge devices with the same process, tools from your pilot to production


Container Runtime  Instantly deploy your existing Docker or Containerd applications across your edge computing plane

Kubernetes Managed Swarm, monitor, and upgrade your applications leveraging your existing Kubernetes manager


Self Forming Networks  BYO-Network, instantly deploy connectivity mesh fabrics to dynamically self-form and self-heal your IoT networks in the field

Hyperconvergence  Supports HCI methodologies to have software-defined networking across edge, local, and cloud environments


Enterprise Security  AES-256 encryption ensures data at rest cyber security compliance for all mission data

Just Enough OS  Reduce your attack surface by eliminating monolithic operating systems that must be patched for vulnerabilities


Cloud-Agnostic  Avoid vendor lock by adopting a computing platform that works across all cloud providers

Cloud-Free  Deploy edge computing to extreme environments without having to adopt or integrate with the cloud

Supported Software

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Custom Support

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Bootstrap computational connectivity to people and machines to provide self-forming networks for real-time safety monitoring, predictive maintenance, autonomous mobility, and sensor platforms for mining operations.

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Oil & Gas

Integrate SCADA systems and dynamically act on operational data with on-prem AL/ML for operational optimization, real-time work site safety monitoring, and predictive maintenance of drilling, storage, and delivery equipment.

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Integrate SCADA systems and dynamically act on operational data with on-prem AL/ML for operational optimization, real-time work site safety monitoring, and predictive maintenance of drilling, storage, and delivery equipment.

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Embed weather-capable compute across generation, distribution, and end points for condition management analytics, predictive maintenance, smart grid energy management, and governance of Distributed Energy Resources.

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IoT aggregation, sensor fusion monitoring, and data processing across thousands of ship-wide sensors to support system performance, conditions monitoring, preventive maintenance, optimize route planning, and reduced operational costs.

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Shipping & Logistics

Next-gen IoT computational gateways for connected ships and cargo, tracking of shipping containers for flow optimization, supply chain optimization, and loss prevention fluidly across disparate networks and territories.

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10 Problems of Edge Computing:
Solutioning at the Edge Requires New IT Strategies & Form Factors

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