Press Release: GNARBOX
Announces Move into Edge
Computing Platforms

Today we announced our new edge-as-a-service (EaaS) offering, the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform

Posted by: Kat Greenbaum - Director of Marketing | March 30, 2021

March 30, 2021 - - (Los Angeles, CA) GNARBOX, the market leader in the professional photography, videography and drone industry for backup and onsite data processing, today announced their new edge-as-a-service (EaaS) offering, the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform. The Edge Compute Platform is a server software platform for deploying edge apps using Kubernetes containers, as well as a new rugged 5G and AI/ML enabled hardware appliance ecosystem. This turn-key solution features zero-touch provisioning, which allows non-technical teams to securely field edge technologies with ease while providing IT department or system integrators purpose-built hardware they can easily setup with minimal training. 

“While developing a complete solution for photo and video workflow, we built our stack on a containerized architecture with future markets in mind,” says GNARBOX CEO Tim Feess. “The capabilities of a computer like ours are driven by software, with the expansion of offerings to new applications has been our vision since the beginning. It doesn’t matter if the data being collected is off a photographer’s camera, a power-line inspector’s drone or an autonomous vehicle at an industrial site. It’s all data in need of storage, processing and upload from the edge, and we  believe our proven track record in delivering rugged computing ecosystems will help us bring significant value to these markets.”

GNARBOX has earned a reputation as the most rugged, reliable and easy to use system, trusted by thousands of teams who use it as the hub of critical data management workflows in the field to protect valuable digital assets and speed the process of delivery to clients. As industrial organizations leverage a growing array of cameras, drones, sensors, and other data collection devices to improve efficiency, many are not able to analyze, derive insight and backhaul this information fast enough with the existing cloud-centric model. The central problem is the significant mismatch between the pace of data collection and network bandwidth—and the latest realization is that 5G networks will not completely alleviate this issue. GNARBOX’s proprietary technology is making a significant impact by removing the mismatch between the pace of data collection and network bandwidth, and becoming an intelligent buffer to the cloud. This is achieved by acting as an intermediary storage, processing, and syncing solution to ease problematic data bottlenecks and ultimately provide real-time improvement and optimization.

The GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform

The GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform includes a rugged edge appliance and a server software platform that seamlessly integrates with sensors, unmanned equipment, and other industrial machines in rugged and extreme dynamic environments. Unlike other edge appliances, the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform is completely mobile, can be run in online or offline environments, and supports any cloud storage/compute platform. Its software stack enables customers to easily run containerized or virtualized applications with zero-touch provisioning, making porting simple and direct. With 3-5 hours of backup battery power, rugged mounting solutions for a multitude of dynamic applications and water/dust ingress-proof ethernet and power cables, the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform is a complete solution for any field application that requires uninterruptible data backup and backhaul. Hardware specs for the new Edge appliance ecosystem are not yet announced, but the company has revealed that the new hardware will feature expanded storage, the fastest data transfer speeds on the market, a more than a 3x processing performance boost from the GNARBOX 2.0 model, and internal expansion modules for AI/ML acceleration and 5G connectivity. 

Integrations, Partners & Distribution

Cloud Partner - AWS IoT Greengrass: With GNARBOX for AWS IoT Greengrass, system integrators and existing AWS IoT Greengrass customers can seamlessly deploy the GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform into their existing ecosystem. The GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform is currently undergoing rigorous device qualification and technical validation to be certified in the AWS Partner Device program.

Software Partner - SUSE & Rancher Labs: This allows GNARBOX Edge Compute Platform users the most efficient Kubernetes based offering, simplifies the OS management and update process and ultimately increases security by limiting an attack surface by eliminating monolithic operating systems that must be patched for vulnerabilities.

Distribution Partner - MFE Rentals: GNARBOX has elected to partner with MFE Rentals as one of its go to market partners, bringing advanced technology rental, sales, repair and training capabilities to customers in the United States. MFE will carry stock of the Drone Edition product and will support customer integrations of the Edge Computing Platform.

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