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GOOGLE ANALYTICS & KICKSTATER: Building a Data Model For Tracking Kickstarter Posted on 18 Apr 21:15


  • Kickstarter Google Analytics (GA) Dashboard Overview
  • Kickstarter Google Analytics Custom Goal Build to Track Conversions
  • Kickstarter Google Analytics Custom Report & Data Model

  • TL/DR:

    • Kickstarter GA Dashboard is great for basic tracking and live campaign tracking.
    • Customizing GA is necessary to measure your campaign initiatives (Facebook ads, Influencer posts, Instagram posts, Press posts) using Conversion Rates and ROI.
    • Build a custom goal, set up a google analytics report, use excel pivot tables to crunch.

    Kickstarter Google Analytics Dashboard Overview

    Kickstarter introduced Google Analytics to their backend dashboard very recently and it is an evolving resource. While it is a great basic tool for tracking success live during the campaign, it does not give you the details and control over the data that is needed for advanced Google Analytics and Excel users to accurately track the success of campaign initiatives.

    With very little resources on the web to help us build a tracking tool (and not knowing what the Kickstarter dashboard even looked like BEFORE launching the campaign) we scrambled to generate a model in the first hours of our launch (yes we were live before we could make this!).

    Follow our Kickstater Campus post for discussion and updates on this topic

    Now let’s take a look at our dashboard…

    What the Kickstarter GA Dashboard is good for:

  • Identifying External vs. Internal (Kickstarter) Traffic. This is ONLY accessible inside the Kickstarter Dashboard which will put a wrinkle in our Google Analytics report, but can be integrated to help break out Organic Kickstarter traffi (Discover) vs. Driven Traffic (Search, Direct Traffic, Facebook, etc.).
  • Live tracking of converting vs. non-converting initiatives. Google Analytics reports are generated a day after therefore losing insight to what is happening right now. Kickstarter dashboard is a live feed and will help you recognize whether or not that press article is driving converting traffic or not!
  • High Level overview of campaign success.
  • Accurate $s Pledged. You will not be able to track the conversion $s using a custom Google Analytics goal and report.

  • What the Kickstarter GA Dashboard is NOT good for:

  • Identifying traffic and Conversions from various Facebook initiatives (i.e. company posts, personal posts, ads, influencer posts). You will need Google Analytics (conversion+traffic) or Facebook Reporting (Clicks+CTR) to measure these goals.
  • Tracking Traffic. Google Analytics dashboard required.
  • Tracking Conversion Rates. Google Analytics custom goals and report required.

  • Kickstarter Google Analytics Custom Goal Build to Track Conversions

    Building a custom goal in Google Analytics is the key to unlocking detailed conversion tracking. Here’s how you do it.

      1. Use Google’s guide to show how to “Build a New Goal” HERE
      2. Build a “Destination” based goal
      3. Set your destinations as…. “A user reaches a url that ‘Begins With’”
        1. “Selects Pledge” =[project url]/pledge
        2. “Selects Payment” =[project #]/payments/
  • “Completes Purchase” = Conversions =[project url]/checkouts
      1. You will not be able to track specific pledge $s given you have so many types of pledges, but a simple average pledge $ can get you a bit further in identifying ROI per traffic source.


      [project url] version #1 = not customized =

      [project url] version #2 = customized =

      Now you can see this conversion goal in your dashboard and custom reports!

      Kickstarter Google Analytics Custom Report & Data Model

      Google Solutions is a space where you can quickly and easily share report configurations. Use ours here.

      The data can only go back 30 days, so if you are running a 30+ day campaign, be sure to append each day’s rows to an existing report.

      How we ran the report:

      1. Exported daily every morning
      2. appended new rows to an existing Excel (workbook #1)
      3. Refreshed Pivot Table that read workbook #1 all rows (workbook #2). Be sure it’s reading the entire data set! We defaulted it to read 250k rows of data.

      Calculated Fields to add to Pivot Table:

      1. Conversion Rate = Conversion #/Sessions     (format as %)

      Recommended Pivot Table Rows:

    1. Dates within Source in Pivot Table #1 - Track traffic from blogs, social, google, etc.
    2. Source within Dates in Pivot Table #2 - Track day to day total efforts
    3. Landing Pages within Dates in Pivot Table #3 - Best way to track all of your facebook ads and any bitly by seeing ?src=xxx breakout.

    4. Recommended Pivot Table Columns:

      1. Sessions (Sum of)
      2. Sessions (Sum of) (% of Column)
      3. Conversion # (Sum of)
      4. Conversion # (Sum of) (% of Column)
      5. Conversion % (Sum of)

      Contact for questions/comments on Google Analytics in Kickstarter.